“Like opening a treasure box, so much love and care. Amazing.” Candy. England.

Orgonite Made With Love

Orgonite is a personal and environmental cleanser which balances the Ambient Electromagnetic Environment and turns harmful energy into healthy energy. It alleviates the damaging effects of EMF radiation.

Orgone purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water, helps plants and vegetables grow better, promotes health & well-being and balances your own natural energy. It frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares, helping create better sleep patterns and a balanced, happier mood, plus it inspires a calmer home and working environment.

Orgonite also enhances psychic ability & aids in the removal of energy blockages.

Orgonotica is a family run orgone company based in Scotland, We are makers of beautiful Orgonite Pyramids, Wands, TowerBusters (TB's), Pendulums, Pendants and other Orgone generators. We ship our handmade products from the UK all over the world. Whether it's a small piece of orgonite for personal energy balancing or large orgone generator for environmental air cleansing, each one is made with love, positive energy, clean minds and bodies. Solfeggio tones and relaxation music are played while pouring.

Every orgonite piece holds the intent of bringing peace, love and harmony to the owner. Click HERE to find out more about Orgone and Orgonite.

  • Hand carved Walking Sticks & Staffs

    Here at Orgonotica we love the outdoors, and with the warmer summer months coming to Scotland, we're out hillwalking, collecting crystals and enjoying the fresh air and (occasional) sunshine!

  • The Orgone Sceptre

    Here is a brand new project from Orgonotica. Combining Orgonite with carving, coils, copper wire and crystals, this beautiful creation has been a pleasure to design, create and work with.